Calypso Monarch Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago 2011

The competition was fierce but in the end the calypsonians listed below will challenge the reigning monarch Kurt Allen for the right to be called 'King of Calypso'for 2011.

Last night at the Grammy Awards 'The Kings Speech' won best actor and I am sure that King George VI would be fascinated with the singing prowess of my favorite to win it all again, Maestro Kurt Allen. I am going on record to state that the Mighty Midget will not be able to dethrone the reigning King of Calypso, Kurt Allen. 

Listen up folks... Please take note that each contestant has to sing two songs and the reigning monarch will electrify the audience at the Savannah and those watching via the Internet to win it all again! Enough said, I am on record, Kurt Allen will win it again!
  • Rodney Le Blanc aka Benjai  
  • Michael Osuna aka Sugar Aloes
  • Weston Rawlings  aka  "Cro Cro" 
  • Joanne Rowley  aka "Tigress" 
  • Karen Asche
  • Kizzy Ruiz 
  • Tameika Darius 
  • Brian London 
  • Devon Seales 
  • Dexter Parsons aka Stinger 
  • Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust
These singers qualified for the finals to vie for the prize of Calypso Monarch with $2 million (winner) up for grabs. Good luck to all singers. 

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