If The Priest Could Play, Who Is Me? | Carnival 2011, Trinidad

Catholics to 'Play Mas' | Genesis I carnival band gains church approval!

Do you remember the phrase "If de priest could play, who is me?" Well look kankalang today because the "who is me" part of the discussion has decided that "chippin' down de road" on the black carpet during the festival of the flesh really is not such a bad thing. As a matter of fact they (Some Roman Catholics) intend to clean up the vulgarity associated with mas aka jamming, wining and drinking and showing the public that when the priest sanctions the mas that it could really end up being good clean fun. In such a situation, come "Ash Wednesday" one can walk into the church with a big smile and for the first time put on the ashes on ones forehead without the guilt associated with your carnal ways for the carnival just passed. 

Now when Lord Kitchener's song "The carnival is over" is played on the radio one can now shed a tear that is really over knowing that the church now has your back. Let us now plan for next year and with it have communion during Carnival Tuesday parade. In this way we can have some wine while we chip down de road to clean "Groovy Soca" and cast aside the wine and jam "Power Soca". In a few years we then can transform festival and preach the gospel and celebrate mas even on Palm Sunday! "What ah ting, what ah ting indeed!?"

Now do you think that I was wrong and was simply making fun of this situation? Well maybe but do you really believe that there could be a carnival band that can and will change the spirit of carnival? Word and Associates Chairman Derek Walcott expressed the view that, "while the move is expected to raise eyebrows and spark debate, the aim is to erase the vulgarity associated with Carnival and replace it with creativity and family." He believes that this Catholic Church sanctioned Carnival band named "Genesis I could impact the festival in such a manner that creativity instead of vulgarity will seep into the festival. I don't know if this will sit well with the Christian communities but then again the Catholic Church is the behemoth of Christendom and if the priest could play then who is me. 

There will be those who will be for and those who will be against this band. I don't know if it is wrong or right for the church to participate in Carnival and won't profess to say that I know based on bible teachings that it is wrong or right... I don't even know my place on this earth. In the end everyone will decide based on their beliefs, their understanding of the teachings of the bible and the church, which is wrong or right. The fall out could be great but know this much, a Trinidadian would accept any excuse to participate in a good lime or fete. This band will "play mass" but we will wait to see if there would be restraint with chippin' and the waving of palm or simply festive abandon and exuberant dingolay and palance on the streets of Port-of-Spain.

Now don't be upset but it is only fitting that we go back to move forward and in such a situation we can look forward to Catholic Palancing by looking back at last years mega hit by JW and Blaze.... Time to Palance!


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Anonymous said…
Nanda, I say this is perfect to put some balance in the carnival, bring back the nice mas, and they have 3 of the top mas designers. at least let the children see a good nice band in addition to the sailors of All Stars. The lack of costumes in carnival now has gotten to ridiculous so thumbs up to Father H from the Petit Valley church to come up with this idea. Bless PGold