Meh blood eh take him nah! | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #74
Yuh is ah Trini | “Meh blood eh take him nah!”

Trini knows best and with that I have to ask you: Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone that 'something is not right?' Yes just like that and in true Trini style and simply put you could express the feeling with these words: "Meh blood didn't take the person".

That feeling is a 'gut feeling' that parents of girl children have when the boys are brave enough to come courting. Yes they are up to no good and are only slaves to the hormonal changes taking place. The ravages of this change will not happen on my call and with "meh chile". Eh eh...  Not so easy young fellah, "what are your intentions?" LOL. Yes I have experienced that as a young man growing up in Trinidad. That father put an end to the relationship by 'beating me out of his daughter's head'. Trust me it was sad but I have not gone down that path with 'meh chile' but I advise her to be wary or "the hormonal rage taking place in the body of those young men".

Now when you get that gut feeling you should take heed and act on it. Most of the time your instinct is right on and 'if yuh is ah true Trini' you will know that you should not chance your luck 'odder wise Crapo go smoke yuh pipe' but then again that is a different story and one for another post!

So  remember that when "yuh blood eh take that person" it is simply is a warning that you should be wary because your gut instinct is warning you that something is just not right about that person or situation involving that person.

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