Kurt Allen | "Too Bright"

If yuh bright yuh bright and if yuh too bright then you pull out the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and come up with something brilliant, something that will have a profound impact on people, something that will be spoken about for years to come. That my friend is the brilliance of one Mr. Kurt Allen and it can be easily seen from the performances presented in the videos below.

Carnival is here again an as I listen to the new songs on the radio I must admit that I really like what I am hearing. However, these songs are for the dance crowd and not the message music that a true calypsonian presents to make you pause and go, "hmm". This is the reason I decided to take a look back at two performances of the same song by the same artist to see how a good performance became a great performance on finals night. We can only hope that we can get more of the same.

Having said that, we must also tip our hats to the performance of  Mr. Brian London who sang "A Calypsonian" in brilliant fashion. He was brilliant but Kurt Allen's performance was over the top and deserving of the crown. Now let's take a look back and see how a good performance metamorphized into a great performance... Enjoy!

Too Bright - Kurt Allen (Kaiso Rama)

Finals Performance - Too Bright

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