Dance and Dingolay | Denise Belfon

Hear dis nah... Dis chune will mash up de place! Smarty say so... Chut man, dis Shango rythym is seriously infectious. I say kudos to Denise for a fantastic delivery. This copy on Youtube lacks the high end and may sound a little flat but after listening to the track on WACK Radio ( I am sold and believe that this is the "mash up pick" for the upcoming Carnival (to date)!

Now if you believe that Trinis are the only ones with the wicked riddims (rhythms) then you are dead wrong. This beat comes from the Isle of Spice. It is called the 'Swahili Riddim' and was produced by Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip. Andrew is a born and bred Grenadian producer/songwriter who had his first major single sung by Blaxx of "Roy Cape Allstars"; that track, for the inquiring minds, was  entitled 'Zombie'.  The hook that follows 'Hitz' is simply put: "My Life, Your Entertainment"! Indeed it is his rhythm, his music with a saucy voice packing in the musical punches that would make Muhammad Ali proud. Enjoy!

Biography of: Denise Belfon
Denise Belfon is a Trinidadian soca artist known for her high energy, exotic and highly controversial on-stage performances that continue to draw frenzy from audiences and partygoers across the Caribbean. Her powerful, sultry vocals have helped establish her as one of the Caribbean’s hottest female acts. Her career, although very well established, exploded after the release of her 2003 smash single, "Saucy Baby", which is considered to be her signature song by many. Discovered in 1990 by band leader Roy Cape, she started singing professionally with the band Black Sheep and then moved to Sound Revolution. She has since had a very successful solo career.

Information sourced from Youtube and REVERBNATION

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