Crime infestation plagues Trinidad and Tobago!

"Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is ah paradise!" That may have been true a long time ago but not today. It is with a heavy heart that I post this short blog note. Name the crime and it is taking place in Trinidad and Tobago - the hemorrhaging continues and with each nightfall come numerous reports of violent crimes the next day!

I have always wondered when I hear radio jocks talk about how 'sweet Trinidad is" with utterances like, "I could ever leave here, yuh mad or what!" Well I am a Trinidadian who is very saddened by the escalating crime rate that continues unabated. This new government can't seem to do anything about it and the ugly deeds continue with the highest contempt for the law.

There are beasts roaming the land on two feet pretending to be human beings. These animals are preying on the innocent and causing havoc in the land of my birth... What a shame and I am ashamed of what some of the inhabitants of the island have become - devilish beasts!

Our country's image has taken a beating and we are now down for the count; we are now on our knees hoping and praying for change while seeking salvation that surely wont come from any politician!

There are heartless people preying on the helpless and those who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is not always the case since those preyed upon even lose the battle in the safety our their fenced and wrought iron protected homes. The wolf is at the door and he is huffing and puffing his way into homes reigning distress and despair in the lives of many families. Robbery with violence is the name of the game and your life is worth nothing...

A blight has set in and there is utter contempt of and for life and limb. Foreigners as well as returning Trinidadians living abroad are marked and should take extreme precautions when they return home. There is misery and pain that awaits some unfortunate individuals; there are all kinds of crimes taking place with recent reports of rape and homicide highlighting the news headlines. I am saddened to say it but my homeland is not a safe place to visit! Countries around the World are issuing warnings to their citizens wishing to travel to Trinidad and Tobago (see the Canadian advisory below).

"There are identifiable security concerns; travellers should be alert and vigilant to their surroundings." The advisory was updated on November 30, three days after two Canadian women were raped when two armed masked men entered their apartment and announced a hold-up.

The advisory stated: "Crime levels are high, particularly in Port of Spain, San Fernando and other urban areas in Trinidad. Robberies with violence, including assaults and rape, occur frequently. Visitors should seek the advice of local contacts and be vigilant, especially after dark. They should ensure that personal belongings and travel documents are secure at all times and that hotel room doors and windows are secure."

I know that some of my friends and those who like to say that they "know me" will be upset about this post. Listen folks don't pretend that there isn't trouble in 'paradise'. We are at war with demons walking our land. Take note of our predicament and be safe when you travel to my homeland. I love my land but the crimes are horrible; home invasions are on the rise and the recent raping of two Canadian nationals is just too much to remain silent. The islands or Trinidad and Tobago have so much to offer but we must now take the necessary precautions and measures to be safe, to reclaim paradise and bring peace to this once blessed land.

God help us all...


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Anonymous said…
well yes there is an escalating crime wave int he island....but don't make it out to be a terrible place to visit....isn't jamaica in an even worse predicament but yet many tourists still flock there....don't take it out on the government or the good people by not coming....everywhere u decide to visit in the world u shourld be wary of ur surroundings.....would u go to brooklyn and walk through the streets late at night...most crimes are drug powered....its either ur robbing for drugs or ur paying to rob with drugs....Trinidad is hit so hard because we are closest to south america....jamaica is hit so hard because there close to North America. We can see where the problems ae coming from....we need to protect our borders...
Santiwah said…
Indeed you are correct to state that much of what is taking place is fueled by the drug trade but don't for one moment believe that all the crime taking place comes from the same source... I beg to differ. Having said that I have to agree with you that crime and criminals exist in all countries. However, I don't see people living in fear when the walk the streets of NYC... I don't see people afraid to go about their normal way of living in NYC. Can you say the same for Trinidad?