Pot Houn's | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #72
Yuh is ah Trini|"Pot Houn's"

Pot houn'- A mongrel- also a person who is not up to par in his particular  field (also called a shit hound!).  (http://berdina.tripod.com/tankalanka4.htm).

Every neighborhood in Trinidad had (and still has) yapping and barking mongrels; and if you were not known in the district you can have a hounding experience to remember for the rest of your life.  Sometimes just a walk around the corner could mean distres; a pack of pot houns could leave you with your heart racing and your feet pedaling to get away from the pack or growling dogs... However, one must always be aware of and  look out for the biting bitches. I mentioned biting bitches because I had an experience that I remember well... Like it happened yesterday. 

I was very young and one evening after school I was walking home along King street in Arima. First there was one weak bark that lead to another then it seemed like the entire street was echoing with the sounds of barking 'pot houns'. As a student of the Arima Boys Government School I was attired in my blue shirt and short khaki pants. Dogs were running along the fences and barking. Some looked very fierce while others were just in it simply to scare the hell out of this little boy - I was scared and began to run. That was a dire mistake that seemed to lend a burst of adrenalin to the spirits of the 'pot houns'. Suddenly it was a frantic race because suddenly there were pot houns in the street and racing towards me. I panicked and started to run and scream for help (well I was just screaming).  They were faster than I was and were soon on my heels... I fell to the ground (road) - It was a frantic battle with yapping and snapping taking place while I was kicking and screaming for dear life. 

Then everything seems to slowdown and then speed up. A brown bitch that was not barking simply got through the pack and snatched my left leg (hamstring). I screamed like I was dying and soon I heard voices and people running in my direction. The dogs scampered and I was in a mess with blood flowing from my leg and scratches and bruises all over. One man, Mr. Peter-King, took me to his home and put some pitch oil on the dog bite. He was an aged man and walked slowly. His wife was crying (she was also an older person). They tore a piece of cotton sheet and bandaged my leg. I was then sent home limping. That was a really long walk from School to Olton Road. I still have the scar on my leg and every day that I see it I can recall the event like it happened yesterday. 

Now there is another use for the term 'Pot Houn' and it has to do with someone who "is not up to par in his particular field". It goes deeper in some areas and instances where the scorn heaped on such a person could lead to the following comment: "He is a real shit hound". 

Some people are deserving of that comment especially when they pretend to be good at doing something only to be found wanting when called to the 'red carpet' to account for their mouth.

Triniglish is the best! We can now put to rest one phrase that has two meanings. Pot houn' aka a mongrel or every child's nightmare in the villages of Trinidad and Tobago or Pot houn' as in the case of someone 'who is not up to par in his particular field. If you want to learn more about our lingo then go to Tankalanka on the web and look up the dictionary. I assure you that you will be smiling as you run through the listings. 

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