If yuh bite yuh tongue, someone is speaking about yuh | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #73
Yuh is ah Trini | If you bite your tongue, someone is speaking about you!

Last night while sucking on a really delicious 'masala style mango bone' I bit my tongue. Now instead of blaming my senses for getting carried away with the delicious taste of the masala that was causing my taste buds to go crazy I immediately remembered an 'ole Trini proverb'. Yes definitely it was not my fault for not paying attention and chewing away as if it was the last piece of masala mango on the face of the earth. Hell no, it had to be that someone was speaking about me. 

That is one true and down to earth Trini Proverb and one to remember. I immediately looked at the Wack Shout box and decided to say hello and what do you know someone said buh a a Smarty, where have you been I was just thinking about you. "God damn so it was June who cause me to bite meh tongue!" What should I do now? Cuss her for her for thinking about me and causing me to bite my tongue? No, so what did Smarty do? I said I had a feeling (well in meh mouth) that I should come in the box and say hello. I am happy that you caused me to bite meh tongue June. 

How many of you actually believe that when you bite your tongue that someone somewhere is speaking about you? I can hear you now yes, it is true the other day I bit my tongue and it turned out that meh compeh was talking to sister Mildred about me. 

No? Well maybe... Hey leave some feed back because if you do believe that this is the case then obviously 'Yuh is ah Trini'.

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