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First ever calypso instrumental recording was done in 1912 by Lovey's orchestra.

First ever vocal calypso recording was made in 1914 when the "Duke of Iron" teamed up with Jules Sims.

First ever calypso tent opened in Port-of-Spain in 1921 was the "Railway Douglas Tent".

First ever female to sing in a calypso tent was "Lady Trinidad" in 1935.

First ever female calypsonian to cut a record was "Lady Trinidad" in 1937.

First ever "Young Brigade Tent" opened in 1947 by 24 year-old Lord kitchener, featuring Lord Melody, Mighty Spoiler, Mighty Viking.

We continue to read about how the art form of calypso developed over the years. Trinidad and Tobago is a very unique society and many have tried to take away from our accomplishments but the truth is recorded  historical data which can and will be disputed but never refuted. Just take a look at the dates above and the facts presented about the first instrumental and first vocal recordings of calypso and you will appreciate the fact that Trinidad is really the well from which calypso sprung and blossomed to what it is today. 

This blog has presented a list of calypso monarch winners and today we add another important list. In continuing with the presentation of historical data today we list the winners of the famous Road March Competition as it relates to Trinidad and Tobago. 

1932  King Radio  Tiger Tom Play Tiger Cat
1933  King Radio  Wash Pan Wash
1934  Dougla  After Johnny Drink Me Rum
1935  Lion  Dingolay Oy
1936  Lion  Advantage Could Never Done
1937  Lion  Netty Netty
1938  Lion  No Norah Darling
1939  King Radio  Mathilda
1940  Beginner  Run Yuh Run
1941  Lion  Whoopsin Whoopsin

1942 - 45  N/A No Carnival
1946          N/A No Competition

1947  Pharoah  King Pharoah
1948  Melody  Canaan Barrow
1949  Wonder  Ramgoat Baptism
1950  Killer  In a Calabash
1951  Terror  Tiny Davis
1952  Spit Fire  Post Post
1953  Spit Fire  Bow Wow Wow
1954  Blakie  Steel Band Clash
1955  Happy Wonderer  North American Ballad
1956  Sparrow  Jean and Dinah
1957  Valerie  North American Ballad
1958  Sparrow  Pay As You Earn
1959  Caruso  Run the Gunslingers
1960  Sparrow  Mae Mae
1961  Sparrow  Royal Jail
1962  Blakie  Maria
1963  Kitchener  The Road
1964  Kitchener  This Is Mas
1965  Kitchener  My Pussin
1966  Sparrow  Obeah Wedding
1967  Kitchener  Sixty Seven
1968  Kitchener  Miss Tourist
1969  Sparrow  Sa Sa Yae
1970  Kitchener  Margie
1971  Kitchener  Madison Square
1972  Sparrow  Drunk and Disorderly
1973  Kitchener  Rainorama
1974  Shadow  Bass Man
1975  Kitchener  Tribute to Spree Simon
1976  Kitchener  Flag Woman
1977  Calypso Rose  Tempo
1978  Calypso Rose  Soca Jam
1979  Poser  Ah Tell She
1980  Blue Boy  Soca Baptist
1981  Blue Boy  Ethel
1982  Penguin  Deputy
1983  Blue Boy  Rebecca
1984  Sparrow  Doh Back Back
1985  Crazy   Soucoyant
1986  David Rudder  Bahia Girl
1987  Duke  Thunder
1988  Tambu  This Party Is It
1989  Tambu  Free Up
1990  Tambu  We Ain?t Going Home
1991  Super Blue  Get Something and Wave
1992  Super Blue  Jab Jab
1993  Super Blue  Bacchanal Time
1994  Preacher  Jump and Wave
1995  Super Blue  Signal To Lara
1996  Nigel Lewis  Movin
1997  Machel Montano  Big Truck
1998  Wayne Rodriguez  Footsteps
1999  Sanell Dempster  River
2000  Super Blue|Iwer George(Tie) Pump Up|Carnival Come Back Again
2001  Shadow  Stranger
2002  Naya George  Trinidad
2003  Faye-Ann Lyons  Display
2004  Shurwayne Winchester  De Band Coming
2005  Shurwayne Winchester  Dead or Alive
2006  Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts  Band of the Year
2007  Machel Montano  Jumbie
2008  Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez  Get on
2009  Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez  "Meet Super Blue"
2010  JW and Blaze Palance

List information was sourced from various internet sites with the bulk of the list coming from

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