Thou Shall Not Horn | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #68
Yuh is ah Trini|"Thou Shall Not Horn"

Horn meh but doh leave meh.... please!!??? Now that is a man or woman who has no self worth and one who, in the end, will continue to get horn. Well of course you had to ask and here is the meaning of the word "Horn" as it is used in Trin Lingo: It is described as a situation when someone you love (as in a spouse or fiancĂ©) chooses to have an affair while making you believe that you are the one and only true love in their life. 

Horning has its possibilities, impossibilities and great tribulations. It can be fun and pleasurable for the horner-man/woman (one doing the hornin') and full of danger and major trepidation. I can go on but the video below is a good representation of the folly and malice involved showing how love and hate come into play and how the lover can be easily fooled and deceived in believing that all is well with a simple look or caressing of the lover's body.

Beware of and be aware of hugs and kisses that are meant to hide and deceive and those "honey you are my one and only" 'ole-talk' clichĂ© lines. Don't let your heart cloud your judgement and befuddle your brain into an illusion of love and serenity or because you may be horny as hell! Just remember that not only danger could be locked away in a closet but so too can a horner man/woman... If you don't believe me then  run the video clip and when it is done leave a comment...

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