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Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #67 | Foeday Morning | Yuh is ah Trini

In Trinidad and Tobago one can wake up in the wee hours of the morning to travel to work and the person so doing will tell you that they woke up foeday morning to get to work on time. Indeed one may ask how did fore-day become foeday well in Trinidad everything takes a life of its own. Fore-day is too formal and as such, foeday found its place in the lingo of the land.

Foeday morning feels best on the last Sunday before King carnival takes control of the nation with Sunday giving way to Monday 'foeday morning'. J'ouvert is the name of the game when mud and ochre colors take precedence as the sun peeks over the horizon to add rays of sunlight to usher in a new day. On this special morning party goers from the night before spill out on the streets chipping to the beat of the music. The music could be from a steel band, a DJ on a truck, or simply an iron rhythm section. Foeday morning will also find many masqueraders in mud and various colors but not in costume. It is fun and this foeday morning will be remembered (by those sober enough) as the sweetest start to any day. 

Foeday morning or to be proper fore-day morning simply is another way of saying day-break. Life begins anew with the rising of the sun and we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we are alive as we get ready to go about living... We are social creatures and should give thanks to the fact that we have been granted a reprieve and are able to see another foeday morning.

Live, love, and be happy because we managed to see another daybreak. This weekend in New York City the West Indian Carnival Parade will take place. However, on Sunday night many party goers will saunter from several parties as foeday morning shines its light on Brooklyn. They will attempt to bring a piece of home away from home and implant it in the hearts and minds and bodies of the revelers who take to the streets on Eastern Parkway.

On this very special Foeday morning in Brooklyn, we have West Indians coming together to dance the night away and relive this gift that the Trinidadian community has brought to the Big Apple for all West Indians to enjoy. 

Foeday morning, Fore-day morning or simply Day Break is not just any rising of the Sun to usher in a new day it is a time of day to make peace with yourself and translate that peace throughout the day in the manner you interact with others. As I said before live, love, and be thankful that we can look towards the east and give thanks for another foeday morning.
Photo source: Trinidad Guardian Newspapers

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