Time Longer Than Twine | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #48
Yuh is ah Trini|"Time Longer Than Twine"

The headlines and photos coming out of Trinidad paint a desperate picture of home owners going through one of the worst flooding experiences ever in the country. The despair is heartbreaking but we have also seen the new government take action that has made many proud. This is not a time to point fingers and these unusual weather patterns have been plaguing many nations across the globe this year - we are not the exception but part of a worldwide problem. 

Well in Trinidad we also have a saying that could bring some comfort for those whom are experiencing the pain and suffering caused by the rising flood waters. This will not resolve the flooding problem but for those who believe in a higher power may find some comfort in the proverb "Time longer than twine". Time longer than twine should be easily understood by Trini children from back in the day. My recollection is that every child had a ball of twine that always got knotted for some reason or the other. Frustration followed and it seems like unraveling the ball of knotted confusion would take forever. That was the thinking of children but an adult could always understand that "even the worse problems will come to an end". In other words regardless of the situation, "all bad things come to an end, given time".

In the case of the people of Trinidad and the flooding that is taking place presently we have to keep faith and hope that the rains subside to give nature time to right itself and have the lands drain the excess waters into the streams and rivers and wash it all into the ocean. The land is saturated but with time nature will right itself. Next dry season we expect the authorities will lead by example and clear the streams and dredge the main water ways to prevent future problems. 

Now we need to keep the faith and know that "time longer than twine".

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