Meh Muddah Taut Meh | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish | Trinididioms Spoken and Explained! #44
Yuh is ah Trini | "Meh Muddah Taut Meh

I came across this list while browsing on the 'WEB" and thought that is was cute and interesting. Take a read and I guarantee you that you have heard them as a child or if you are not that old then you must have heard someone talking about what "Meh Mudda Taut' Meh".  I posted these on my Santiwah Blog but decided to use it as part of the "Yuh is ah Trini Series" of  posts. I don't know who originally put the list together and don't make any claims regarding this very wonderful list. These are sure to put a smile on your face... Enjoy!

THINGS Meh Mudda Taught me...

1. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
Eg)"Chile, just wait till we get home."

2. My Mother taught me about RECEIVING.
Eg)"Yuh go get ah good cut ass when we get home!"

3. My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE.
Eg)"What di @$$ yuh thinkin bout '? "Answer meh when ah talk to you...Chile....doh talk back to me!"

4. My Mother taught me CONSEQUENCES.
Eg)"If yuh run across de road an' ah car lick yu dong, ah goin' kill yuh wid licks."

5. My Mother taught me THE VALUE OF EDUCATION.
Eg)"If yuh doh go to school, yuh go pick up garbage on de street."

6. My Mother taught me HUMOR.
Eg)"If yuh don' eat food, breeze goin' blow yuh 'way."

7. My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT.
Eg)"Come an' tek yu licks' like ah man."

8. My Mother taught me about SEX.
Eg)"Yu tink yuh come from de sky?"

9. My Mother taught me about GENETICS.
Eg)"Yu dey jus' like yuh fadda."

10. My Mother taught me about WISDOM OF AGE.
Eg)"When yu get to be as ole' as me, yuh go understan'."

11. And my all time favorite... JUSTICE.
Eg)"One day wen yu have children, a hope dey treat yuh de same way." 

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