Marche-Shoo | Yuh is ah Trini

Part of the Yuh Is Ah Trini Series: Trini-Glish/Trini-idioms Spoken and Explained. #50

This one is a classic and one that I remember using as a child in Trinidad. Not only is this popular in Trinidad, but it is especially popular in Grenada as well. As a matter of fact, I was able to recall this one after perusing the Grenadian dictionary of terms. The site can be accessed through this link: Grenada Dictionary.

I am certain many of you can recall saying, "Marché (mash) dog" or "shoo, shoo" when chasing the chickens away from an area where you may just be feeding your ducks. Yes, I had ducks, chickens, and even rabbits at home (and ponds of goldfish too, eh). In any case, putting both together was a common practice. I wonder if the Grenadians living on Olton Road were responsible for the term being used at home. Nah, that was too common and in use by everyone in the area, and I am certain it is true across Trinidad. 

So, when we use the term "Marche-Shoo," what exactly are we saying or trying to accomplish? Well, as I mentioned previously, it was used to chase away the dogs and chickens. I don't ever recall this combination of words or singularly used as 'Marche' or' Shoo' ever used to tell someone to 'scram' or go away. I guess it was used to chase away the animals and fowl that became a nuisance at any given time. 

I guess that "Yuh is ah Trini" if you can recall this one, or on the other hand, you could very well be of Trini of Grenadian ancestry. Does it matter? Regardless of what they say in Greenz, in Trinidad, we will proudly proclaim, "Yuh is ah Trini!"

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