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Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #42 | Fuh Troot | Yuh is ah Trini

For this post, we are going to do something that is current and is breaking news today (08.04.2010). This has to do with the San Fernando City Corporation and the selection of the Aldermen. However, we are going to deal with the selection of an Alderman - Mr. Kenny Phillips. We will, at the same time, explain another Triniglish phrase by using a favorite of most Trinis, "Fuh Troot,'" in the posting. 

Just so, it came over the news, breaking news eh and on WACK Radio 901FM that Mr. Kenny Phillips was selected as an Alderman to the San Fernando City Corporation. So what do you think was my response when I heard the announcement; yes you guessed it... Fuh Troot'? 

Fuh Troot' is a typical Trini response but what does it mean? Well to be honest I used it as a question as in, "Is that really so?"  However, when most Trinidadians use the term Fuh Troot' it usually comes at the end of a sentence as is the case in the following statement. Today Mr. Kenny Phillips, CEO of WACK Radio accepted the invitation to serve as an Alderman in the San Fernando City Corporation... Fuh Troot'. In such a case fuh troot' is designed as a statement of fact meaning, "Yes that is true". 

Not so long ago we were going back and forth regarding the need (as I saw it) to remove the then ruling Peoples National Movement (PNM) from office. Kenny, like a lot of supporters of the PNM, had a different view on the subject and would have preferred the status quo (to remain the same) - well that did not happen and we have a new government in office. I remember having fun teasing Mr. Desmond and Kenny on that Sunday show (the day before the general election) little could I imagine that the change would see Mr. Phillips finally being recognized for his achievements by the very same cornerstone that he did not support. No one saw this coming and it is interesting that the PP government is showing that they care about the people more so than looking to make those who supported the PNM pay - this is a people-centric party that will do right by and for the citizenry.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all elected representatives good luck and in the case of Mr. Kenny Phillips hearty congratulations and continued success while serving the people. 

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