Dun Dat | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #51
Yuh is ah Trini|"Dun Dat"

I dedicate this one to Gail and my PNM friends from the Wack Radio Shout-box. Why? This subject fits 'like ring on finger',  like hand in a glove' or we could simply say 'like hog love mud'. Obviously you know we are heading down the election path... I just love poking them just as much as they enjoy doing it to me. However, today the shoe is on the other foot. Now even though I am in the minority in the WACK radio shout-box, when it comes to being a supporter of the present government, my voice is strong and I can take on all comers in that box. 

Gail and Fabs still believe that Patos is running the show in Trinbago and will steups, cheups and choops ever so often. I am constantly amused at their many efforts to detract and to find a pin hole to stick their electioneering fingers into in an attempt to 'show up' the present administration that is just under 3 months in office. They expected 20/20 vision in this period; the same promises that the PNM promised to be here by 2020... This math does not compute! Ok that was the filler and here comes the "yuh is ah Trini segment" with special reference to the phrase "Dun Dat". It sounds good saying, 'dun dat nah Ramnath' but yellow is in vogue with serious red looking to mix up the ting and bring in a 'crimson orange' in the brew. Well Gail is my favorite in the box...

Lady Commesse aka D'kankalang Queen loves to hit and run and when she believes she has you on the ropes she jabs until her fingers cyar do it anymore. I sit and watch and let her tire her fingers out with all the yellow in the box serenading the PP partnership... talk about poetic justice! Well after she pauses and celebrates I simply come in and pull the walking stick she uses from under her arm causing her to kilkatay and fall to the floor. When I say fall to the floor I really mean she back tracks and says that she pays her taxes to 'Uncle Sam' and wants you to believe that 'she eh have no cocoa in the sun'. Now isn't that food for thought? However, it is really deserving of a major Choops. "When watah (water) more than flour" then you will get, "Smarty the election is over... "Dun Dat nah man".  

Yuh see me now! "Dun Dat" means don't talk about the election. In other words "don't bring up the subject again". Don't talk about the PNM and the many wrong things that were done and the mismanagement of the resources of the country. The monies wasted on so many projects and the damn country flooding today because no one thought it necessary or cost effective to put in proper drainage infrastructure. Choops, fuss ah does get vex with dem  and their tunnel vision. "Ah so vex ah think that I have to go Paramin and reboot like a PC by walking in the clouds in dem mountains in Paramin. Yuh know breathe in some of the fresh air and clear my brain to feel what is mean to be "PNM till ah dead".

"Dun Dat"? We will see because it depends on what they want to finish or bring to an end. If they want to end corruption, stem the crime tidal wave and bring some order and good governance that is for and by the people then together we will celebrate and "dun dat" will go down in history as an achievement of the people without regard to political allegiance. 

So don't forget what this post was really meant to address eh (ah got ah little distracted...LOL) - "Dun Dat". Just tell you friends that "dun dat" means: Don't bring up the subject again! Just ask Gail and Lady Fabs...

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