Allyuh | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained! #45
Yuh is ah Trini|"Allyuh"

Did you know that Trinis created the art of reversing back? You didn't... Well on the heels of reversing back we had to become creative and messed with the American idiom "you-all". If it sounds familiar it is became you have been using it all the time but Trini style. The Trinididiom aka "All-Yuh" is the flip but with the same meaning.  

Same difference right... Damn our way of speaking is so unique and sounds like music to the ears on a different playing field. Now this has nothing to do with the Soca Warriors but only a warrior spirit to twist and turn anything into something new and at the same time give new life to an old expression.  Yes something old and something borrowed but made to look fresh and refreshing when the lavuay comes from the tongue of a Trinidadian. 

The use of "all-yuh" by a Trinidadian can become very annoying. If, for example, a person is upset or as we like to say 'get vex' because of a situation or to be specific because of something someone said or did "all-yuh" is used to express the person's disdain. In this case the person may remark "all-yuh is de worse... all-yuh does do ting to get people friggin' vex!" Now even though "all-yuh' is plural it is used in this singular situation. At the same time if there are others around at the time the immediate response might go like this. "But what de tail is dis? What I do to get blame jus' so?" Now you can see how the phrase can be abused and misused and at the same time cause others to become vexed because of the way  apply the phrase... "Allyuh Trinis good oui!"

Yes Triniglish and Trinididioms can put a smile on your face if you understand the lingo. However, if you can't then you may not compromise and simply conclude that these people need to learn standard grammar and learn to from basic sentences. However, if you spend some time on the islands I guarantee you that you too will be abusing the grammar and feel good because now "Yuh know yuh is ah Trini" or at least can understand and speak the lingo. 

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