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Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #40 | All skin teet' eh laugh | Yuh is ah Trini

"All skin teet' eh laugh" is a phenomenon that is experienced in all societies on earth. In Trinidad and Tobago, it is the same but we color the code with a cut proverb that simply means duplicity in intentions. That friendly smile could lead you to experience a sickening feeling in your stomach especially when it comes from someone you trusted. That is the key to the proverb it hurts, even more, when it is someone you trusted who puts you in such a bind.

Indeed not every smile (skin teet') indicates genuine friendliness. Someone may be upset that you were able to get ahead of them and this could apply to a job position or even within a family when one sibling gains favorite status from another loved one. In the case of friends and especially when the adoration from a member of the opposite sex goes the other way the jilted person moves in ways that defy common sense. Duplicity is the key to the relationship from that point on with the ultimate goal being to put a wedge between the soon-to-be love birds. 

One of the best examples of "all skin teet' eh laugh" can be seen with politicians who regularly shake hands, have drinks together, and in general and socialize in the same circle. Sometimes they move to the next level and "mash-up the place" especially in Parliament where they are protected by parliamentary privileges.  A smile and shake hand does not mean anything with these politicians and rest assured that their intentions can be treacherous. 

A person laughing with you may be so doing because they are in fact laughing at you. Indeed we can say that in such a situation laughs of this nature are not true laughs just laughs disguised to deceive their "so-called friend". 

So from now on please be aware of your circumstance and never allow your enthusiasm to get the better of you. Just when you believe that you are making headway with a friend and that your good intentions are well placed the duplicitous intentions of these 'so-called friends" surface to bite you in the behind - never let your guard down!

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