One Day, One Day Congotay | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #63 | One Day, One Day Congotay | Yuh is ah Trini

This is one saying that a mischievous youth or a bully in the neighborhood would hear from an elder in the community. However, taking into consideration what is going on in Trinidad today, with all the murders taking place, this saying is applicable to all the evil ones preying upon a hapless society.

One day has an ominous feel to it and just seeing an older person pointing that finger saying, "one day, one-day young man" gives one a feeling of something to come that would basically put things in perspective and may or may not straighten out things for someone who has wandered off the path of being a good citizen. 

To continue with the proverb and adding "one-day congotay" gives us our Trinididiom for today's post. One day, one-day congotay simply means that the time will come when one will have to pay for one's misdeeds. Yes, it is time to fess up, and to put it another way it is the day that a mischievous person or to extend it an evil person fears most... his or her day of reckoning. 

So as the Trinidadian would say, "who cyar hear will have to feel" and "one day, one-day congotay!"


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Anonymous said…
Why "Congo-tay" ? What is it about that word(s) in particular means I'll have my day soon and that evildoers will pay. I have my own theory about that.