Trinidad and Tobago's National Anthem|H20 PHLO Style!

Listen to this wonderful version of our National Anthem. I heard this version one night while listening to; my favorite Culture radio station broadcasting from San Fernando, Trinidad.
Kenny Phillips, the CEO of the station and now Alderman in the San Fernando City Corporation, did the programming for the music session.

I had originally asked Kent "The Juice" and Ellsworth James to play this version of the anthem on their show, "The Cook Up" but they ribbed me because they joked that it would mean stopping traffic and having people standing at attention for the anthem during prime time - it was just their way of teasing me! Well they did not play it, but here comes their boss to the rescue. 

Kenny, as he is affectionately known, was kind enough to give us the opportunity to listen to our anthem on this blog. Trust me,  you will enjoy listening to this superb and melodious version that was done by H2O PHLO. After it is finished playing you would be asking if our anthem was always this short - you enjoyed listening that much and was expecting more! Well play it again, and again and come back when ever you want  and play it again!

"H20 Phlo is one of the leading R&B vocal groups, not only in Trinidad & Tobago, but also in the Caribbean region."
"The group's members: Jason Seecharan, Audie Hewitt, Junior Nelson and Keston Rosales, realized their common interest in music and singing while at school and the rest, as they say is history" -

The lyrics are provided below so that you can sing along (if you don't know it).


Forged from the love of liberty,
In the fires of hope and prayer,
With boundless faith in our Destiny,
We solemnly declare,
Side by side we stand,
Islands of the blue Caribbean Sea,
This our Native Land,
We pledge our lives to Thee,
Here every creed and race finds an equal place,
And may God bless our Nation,
Here every creed and race finds an equal place,
And may God bless our Nation.


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foxy2252 said…
I heard the anthem played on the radio once and fell in love with it.
foxy2252 said…
loved this version. It should be played more often