Kijali is the Ultimate Tabanca | Yuh is ah Trini

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Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #55 | Kijali, the ultimate Tabanca | Yuh is ah Trini

Maybe I am not doing the right thing by dealing with this subject first. I should have done tabanca (tabanka) first. However, I am taking it for granted that most people already know what ah tabanca is or have experienced it as I did many years ago (ah was young and chupid (worse than stupid); yes I said chupid and you should know that chupid is beyond being stupid). Ok for those who don't know what "ah tabanca (tabanka) is here is it in very simple terms. Plain and simply put it is a case of the blues. However in Trinidad & Tobago, the term Tabanca is the equivalent of two things: a case of the blues and temporarily becoming mooksy from the experience. 

A Trini Tabanca is not simply about getting hurt and being love-sick. We always like to complicate the situation and it is taken to several stages with the pinnacle being the state of 'Kijali'(pronounced ki-jal-y) the king of all Tabanca. Kijali is to have 'ah tabanca about ah tabanca'. Can you grasp the severity of the situation? This is no joke and if not treated quickly intense foufoulou will confound and destroy any degree of manhood and indeed every last shred of respect this individual can muster to get his head out of the river of despair that he has mired his soul in.

To be honest the ultimate Kijali takes place when an inexperienced young man gets involved with a married woman who has strayed from her marital bed. The thing is sweet for a while but then she backtracks and decides to stay home. The young jilted lover is lost and 'taban(ca)-truck' sets it leading to... You guessed it, Kijali! Let meh say this... In some circles Kijali is considered a tabanca for ah tabanca...  if you can figure that one out then drop a line and talk about your experience(s). Ha!

If you know of someone who is hurting from a broken heart you will see the pain in their eyes and you will sympathize with the state that love has taken them to. In the case of a tabanca you will see the hurt and pain but also observe the person behaving like a mook. In this case, he will forsake his family and friends and embark on an extreme diet plan that even Jenny Craig cannot equal - weight loss is severe and extreme to the point that one could remark that the boi ketch merasmi. In such a situation the lovesickness has moved through his system like 'ah dose of (Epsom) salts' - the weight loss is swift and wicked.

Now that was stage two and as we move forward to Kijali the hurt and pain are seen but in this stage "the St. Ann's syndrome (madhouse) sets in and the tabanka feeds off itself. There is laughter and a sense of calm that betrays the person consoling the lovesick puppy. It is as if the tabanca brought about a level of relief and the person relives the relationship through the pain of repeating the day that the relationship ended. If I did this or did not do that then we would still be '" goin' 'round". This wicked cycle of events feeds off itself and promotes a sense of false hope that brings about more pain and suffering. 

Kijali usually takes the person into the depths of despair that could have several endings. Firstly the person goes to the end walks towards the light but comes back to reality after two lashes with a bull pistle. The first lash makes him stop and think (this feels like it lasted for an eternity) then the second shot brings him back to reality and sends him bawling like a child and looking for mammy. 
The second situation is not a good one and this usually ends in the use of a pesticide used mostly by people who like to drink rum a lot. After the rum comes the gramoxone (poison) and death. A third situation results in a sort of 'make-up love' where the jilted lover is taken back and thanked the heavens that the Matrix was just a movie. However, he becomes a mama-poule and a foot-stool in the relationship. 

Kijali is not a nice thing and to be considered a tabanca about a tabanca is the ultimate black hole for a man to find himself in - not to mention experiencing the frenzy of the bazodee effect! My friends when you see water more than flour 'bet yuh bottom dollar' (rest assured) that yuh will not be eating buss-up-shut (Trinidad Paratha Roti) and curry duck but: "left-hand dumpling" (don't tell me you don't know about "left-hand dumplings" now)  that will bring you to your knees and make you a love slave - Kijali enslavement!

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