Fatigue | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #61
Yuh is ah Trini|"Fatigue" 

Now if you are 'a born and bred' Trini (of Trinidadian birthright) at some point in your life, while liming with friends (hanging out), someone would have teased the hell out of you. The goal of the exercise was to basically ridicule you... a roast of sorts! That, in essence, is what 'Fatigue' is all about!

In Trinidad and Tobago this is called giving 'fatigue'. Now I know the word 'fatigue' makes one think about and may every cause one to become tired and we have so many things going on today that burdens our soul and tired body. However in Trinidad this teasing could lead enmities and even fighting when the victim is harassed to the point that he/she can't take the tongue lashing anymore.

Most of the time the 'rounds or fatigue' is swift and the line of fatigue moves from one person to another. However, when someone appears to be unable to handle the ridiculing it is on those occasions that the worst comes out of some people and the teasing continues to the point that a person can end up crying or leaving with a very sour taste in his or her mouth. This is very bad especially when someone close to you participates in the teasing. 

Indeed to poke fun at someones shortcomings can be done to bring about some laughter and can be fun if done right. However, when it is continue and the pounding comes from everyone in the lime and the laughing can't seem to come to a close at this point friendships can be strained to the point that "ah cyar call yuh meh fren' anymore". 

In today's society it may not be a good thing to rib someone to the point where the 'fatigue' brings about this situation where friendships have to end. In this society people act differently and rather than take the ribbing and moving on violence may be the end result. One must be careful with 'the art of giving fatigue' and it must be done in 'good taste' otherwise 'crapo will smoke yuh pipe pardna'. 

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