Choops|Things that make you... Choops!

"Choops Man!"

Choops is just another way of saying Steups, and to be honest with you, we (Trinidadians) are professionals when it comes to 'the art of steupsing' (and complaining ah lot).  However, we don't choops only when we are in our complaining moods (and heaven knows we do that a lot) but there are many situations where a choops can really relieve some stress.  Here is the thing sometimes, well most times, we choops when we are annoyed by something or as a matter of fact just about anything.

Sometimes we take it a step further and choops (steups) out of contempt. Then there are times when we choops to tease and provoke just for the hell of it. The reason for choopsing is of little significance for this posting - the fact that you do it is what we are all about with this mini series.

This one is a no-brainer and having said that I am taking this opportunity to invite you to send in your  pet  peeves for posting on 'choops'. We are simply going to post some of the things that make people choops. Just remember that when  I write choops instead of steups the meaning is the same... Just keep it short, OK!

  • Just last week we had the Minister of Works, Jack Warner, taking the leader of the COP to task for a statement that was printed in the press about the COP being able to 'stand alone'.  I said, OMG here we go the infighting that was predicted and the eventual breaking up of the PP government has begun.  "Ah vex fuh spite oui, not even two months and de 'kankalang' start already."  Choops Man!"

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