Choops|Dat is Robbery with "ah doh give ah damn attitude"!

"Choops Man!"

Forensic audit 'meh stinky foot'... This thing smells! This is a case of "we bigger than you" and you don't deserve the benefits of your hard labor. In this case "de'big bois and dem" want it all for themselves. What has happened to the Soca Warriors is nothing short of a 'National Shame'... No, a National Scandal!  Jack Warner and the TTFF should hang their heads in shame. 

Choops man is not enough to describe the disappointment that I feel after reading the article "A political football" in the Trinidad Express Newspapers. Court ruling after court ruling has been on the side of the footballers yet still they cannot get their just reward. It even smells like collusion that FIFA could put in a clause that prevented teams from going to court to resolve their issues (after the Soca Warriors took the TTFF to court).  I have backed Mr. Warner as a politician and for his no nonsense attitude in getting things done on the political arena. However where this case is concerned it surely feels like many people in high places have their hands in the cookie jar with the exception of the people who deserve to be eating the cookies.

We don't know how much money the TTFF received during that period and it appears that the figure keeps changing. This is a national disgrace and the TTFF should do the honorable thing and pay the players what they deserve. Choops galore is warranted here... Shame, shame, shame and shame again on the TTFF and their special advisor Mr. Jack Warner because "do so eh like so".  Choops...

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