Carnival 2011 is coming|SHADES OF THE UNIVERSE

Hello! I like what I see when I lust (ahem look) at the photo. She is a very beautiful model and yes she does justice to the costume. If only on Carnival day that section could only look like a clone of her. Well I guess that will not be the case but I do hope that sensible thinking will prevail and that the ladies signing up for this section, this costume in particular, take a good look at your body in the mirror and if you like what you see then go for it.

The lady in the photo has set the standard for this costume and if you can't live up to expectaton then look for a section with a little bit more coverage. Long live King Carnival. The participants of this festive time regale in the bacchanalia.  Bacchus will  be proud on his sinners on the day the flesh is revealed on the streets of Port-of-Spain.

"Ah cyar wait!"


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Anonymous said…
OK now do you reall believe that sense will prevail with this costume? Even the ones that well know they dont have the assest/or lack thereof will find themselves in the "Rio de Janeiro" style costume.....wha cud we do eh is carnival the time to show what yuh have.....I would be scared to see this one on the road Monday & Tuesday oui....OMG!!!!!
Santiwah said…
Ha ha ha... now I know you are correct and this is one to look forward to seeing... odds on favorite that the majority just might fall in the "oh gawd" category!