The Birdie can still Ramajay!

Sparrow shows them he’s not dead|Guardian

Renowned calypsonian Slinger Francisco has been opening his shows with the autobiographical Sparrow Dead since he returned to the entertainment circuit in New York on Sunday.

On July 28, Francisco, aka Sparrow, underwent emergency surgery at a private hospital in Maryland, United States. He had suffered acute pain on the right groin after performing. Calypso researcher Alvin Daniell says Francisco, 75, told him he was back on the job and titillating the audiences with Sparrow Dead. The song was written in the 60s after rumours circulated Francisco had “kicked the bucket”. Daniell said: "Sparrow will be performing in Toronto. Last night (Monday) he performed in New York with Calypso Rose and Gregory Isaacs. He has been opening show after show with Sparrow Dead. The response has been fantastic.

The photo above is in stark contrast to his NAPA performance recently. See article, "The Birdie could not Ramajay".

The photo shows someone who is happy and healthy. He looks good and wants to show everyone that the Birdy can still ramage (ramajay) with the best - he was and still is King of the Calypso World!
Sparrow looks healthy and still has his sense of humor intact. The fact that he is opening his shows with the very famous "Sparow dead" is indicative that he is aware of the public's view and can poke back at them in style.

What a difference and I am certain that the public in Trinidad will be skeptical but would still long to see for themselves that all is well - he needs to show  his face at NAPA again and show them that Willie is not dead!

Long live the King!

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