Behin’ back is “Dog”. Before face is “Mr. Dog" | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #57 | Behind back is “Dog”. Before face is “Mr. Dog" | Yuh is ah Trini

This is a situation where a person pretends to know someone intimately but in fact, does not. This person can be deemed a 'poser' who attempts to fool someone for selfish reasons. There are many gullible persons out there and they fall for the scam 'hook, line, and sinker. 

Most of the time this cruel act of deception takes place when the person pretends "to be on a first-name basis with someone who is very well known or highly regarded" in the community or country; however, the truth is quite the opposite.   Most of the time the goal is to achieve some form of notoriety or it could simply be a case where the person is attempting to create the impression that he/she is a part of the "in crowd".  The goal is always the same and the outcome may or may not be achieved based on the gullibility of the other person. They achieve their objective to "pretend and deceive" with a straight face. This is not always easy to sell but some people are really good at it.  

The unfortunate situation comes into play when "someone pretending that he/she and a certain V.I.P. are best of friends — then when faced with that person, they show the same deference (humble submission and respect) and humility as everyone else". The embarrassment is swift, resulting in the total destruction of the person's credibility. 

We encounter these people every day but for some reason give them 'a pass' or like we say at home give them "ah Bligh" even though we know that they are 'full of it'. Some people are just mischievous and simply do it because they love the outcome of the kankalang or the comess that that follows. 

Behin' back is "Dog". Before face is "Mr. Dog" is one Trini phrase that is not used often but one that should be kept high on everyone's list. These situations are experienced every day.  "People will gossip about you when you're not around and speak to you nicely when you're in their company (Simply Trini Cooking|Trini Sayings)".  Just remember that as sweet as it sounds the truth is that the results are sour, pretentious, and deceitful in nature. 

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