Ah Rell Check Fuh Yuh, Yuh Know | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken/explained  #60
Yuh is ah Trini|"Ah rell check fuh yuh, yuh know"

"Way kinda propositioning is dat Santiwah, Yuh doz have to sweet talk dem a bit not jus' plain AH HAVE ONE FUH YUH!! A, A."

Those words were said by one Gumbo Lai Lai and it took the Englishman from Laventille seconds to respond to the "yuh is ah Trini" test question, "what does it mean when a Trini states, "ah rell(really) check fuh yuh, yuh know".

Now yo must understand that even though Gumbo did not say it in a simple and straight forward manner he hit the nail on the head when he started with, "what kinda propositioning is dat?" Well to reach the final stage one has to start somewhere and it all begins with the 'propositioning'. Well all relationships start with some kind of groundwork...  'Yuh see, yuh like and  then yuh make yuh move'. 

Now 'after yuh make yuh move' (Trini for having the 'gumption' to act on your feelings) comes the next stage and here is where we return to Lai lai's statement that follows, "yuh doz (does) have to sweet talk dem a bit"... Yes this is the meat and bones of the game and if you don't do a good job then  what you have to say, what you want to say and what you do say will all be meaningless because in the end, "ah have one fuh yuh" or "ah check fuh yuh" could lead to serious embarrassment. 

'Ah rell check fuh yuh', with emphasis on the final 'yuh know' could result in a good start or a serious put down. The entire statement centers on one person wanting to let another know that they are attracted to the other person to the extent that they feel love for that person. This troublesome situation could have been better put/better said using common sense traditional English that really gets the job done - "I love you". This is a leap of faith and either it works or not and you may end up with a smile or a Chaplin frown.

Obviously one will note that "ah rell check fuh yuh, yuh know" was said by a Trini male who simply was not man enough, who was not brave or eloquent  enough to watch the lady in her eyes and say: "My lady, I think I love you". 

So remember, "I feel for you" or "ah really check fuh yuh" all boils down to a very insecure Trini male wanting to say, "I love you".

A note of thanks for the inspiration: 
I have to say thank you to Gumbo Lai Lai, the voice of reason in the WACK shout-box (www.wackradio901fm.com), for his witty response that inspired me to write this post.

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