Ah Box Ah Dead | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained  #56
"Ah box ah dead"|Yuh is ah Trini

"Lord fadda look ting... We in front Royal Castle and ah salivating for some crinkle cut fries and mouth watering fried chicken."

"Hello yuh mean yuh want "ah box ah dead!" But what de hell is dis, yuh spen' two months in New York and yuh want crinkle cut fries and fried chicken? Choops, Steups and yes Cheups again!"

"Look fren' if yuh want to be proper den ax for ah box of chicken and chips. Yuh go make meh shame here oui."

"Pardna gimme ah box ah dead dey nah and...steups (not ah real choops just a short suck teet').... Add ah extra leg dey nah!"

Now if you are a true Trini nothing beats eating Royal Castle chicken and chips eh... Hey some people love KFC but after some serious sours or a few carib (ahhh!... ah beer is ah Carib) the best thing to eat is Royal Castle 'dead' loaded with as much ketchup as you can tolerate on 'dem chips'. Now we talking about niceness and oh yes, ah piece of breast meat will do. I personally like the bony pieces to chew and grind and swallow just the way most Trinis like to do (don't deny eh).

"Ah Box Ah Dead" - Now everyone wants to know if you had Royal Castle when you went home or better yet... "Yuh bring any dead" or steups, "Yuh went all the way to Trinidad and yuh eh bring back some dead boi". 

I know if you visit most of the sites on the web and search for "ah box ah dead" you may find this: "A take out meal of fried chicken and french fries, typically KFC - http://www.skettel.com." However, it is my humble opinion that Royal Castle is better simply because of the crinkle cut chips. That, in my opinion, puts them over the top and leaves KFC in the dust. 

So the next time you visit Trinidad and Tobago make it your business to try out both KFC and Royal Castle by purchasing "ah box ah dead" from each (to sample nah).  But wait, do it after a few beers and then come here and post the result with a comment on which is better. "Ah bet yuh it will be Royal Castle."

OK, just out of curiosity please leave a comment if you can recall when this phrase, "ah box ah dead" came in vogue. Only in Trinidad folks and only ah Trini can put the 'dead' in such a a tasty and should I say 'tasteful parlance'?


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Anonymous said…
I have a ritual as I land in Piarco for vacation my first stop is to get 2 briskly cold carib, den ah box ah dead from Royal Castle in Boissiere Village, yes and on my arrival date mammy pot turn down, because Gail bringing ah bucket ah dead and extra fries, with the liter of Cannings Big Red.
Santiwah said…
Lawdy miss kankalang yuh name is everybody beeswax.....
Anonymous said…
Royal Castle win hands down.....
Its too bad they don't expand beyond Trinidad. Especially for those abroad who yearn for it- and dont always have the ability to come back home
Anonymous said…
If you could recall please, when did the phrase 'ah box ah dead' come about? And by chance would you know who it's attributed to? Thanks