Yuh know how to mop ah drop | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #12
Yuh is ah Trini| "Yuh know how to mop ah drop"

"Boi look at de mess yuh make... Get the mop and clean up de floor." All right I guess most of us have "made ah mess in de house" and had to clean up. The mop became your best friend because during that period we did not have bounty to "clean up de mess". Well my friends in the land of calypso and steel pan the mop as you know it does not apply when a Trini "Mop ah Drop".

Well don't scratch your head because if you have to question the term "to mop ah drop" then you won't have a clue and will forever be kept in the dark unless you are fortunate to come into contact with a Trini who would smile and explain the term to your confused and inquisitive mind.

"To mop ah drop", "to hustle ah ride" or "simply looking for ah freeco" simply means to get a free ride in a vehicle. It does not matter if it is a taxi or a private vehicle for hire or even your neighbor's car. This is not a case of planning to go someplace with a friend with a car and he volunteers to use his car. In the case of "mop ah drop" you put yourself in place to surprise the driver to get a ride someplace (hoping that he is going your way).

Some people have in down to a science and will always be in place to "mop ah drop". Have you ever done it? Well most Trinis have done it at some time. Now you know that to "mop ah drop" simply means to get a ride in a car from someone who had no plan to take a passenger along for the ride. There you go. Now you need to go and "mop ah drop" even thought you could pay the taxi for the service. Do it just to experience the Trini way of doing things.

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