We Like it so | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #20
Yuh is ah Trini|We Like it so

Do you remember the days when the slang everyone used was simply "We like it (so)"?  You can't?  Well if you can't then that is a crying shame and you should be stripped of your bragging rites that "yuh ah Trini 2D Bone". Oh so you are Trini and you understand the slang "we like it (so)"!  Well if you can recall, the song that bedazzled the nation was sung by one of our sauciest calypsonians, the disco daddy, Lord Nelson aka Nello. He took the phrase 'we like it' and made it a household sing along in the Caribbean region and in Caribbean communities in North America and England.

We like it just like that anything that happened and was accepted without complaint was affixed the phrase 'we like it (so)'. The phrase 'we like it' was used to the hilt as it related to anything political. If the people should complain about the lack of a service or the inability of the government to provide services then those who were against would reply, 'we like it (so)'.

When people were saying we like it (so) with reference to the lack of services provided by the political party in office everyone said "we like it so". This was said because we did not care about representation but only about political affiliation regardless of the fact that we did not get the services we desired. Indeed politics was and still is a dirty game and to this day we have not changed - yes, we like it so.

Now this may not have been the reason for Nello putting pen to paper and coming it with his "we like it" melodious rendition but it sure fits the bill. The term is not used much today but one can sometimes be pleasantly surprised hearing the phrase used. The reply to this statement would go something like this, "Ent yuh know!" As a matter of fact there was a resurgence of the phrase for the last general elections and surely we will be hearing it again with another round of elections on the way again.

The song can be heard on Wack Radio fairly regularly and every Tuesday is the request segment for the week that you can call into the station to hear the song but it you came to this post then you can listen to the track below along with the remake by Machel and Nello. Enjoy!

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