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Part of the Yuh Is Ah Trini Series: Trini-Glish/Trini-idioms Spoken and Explained. #23

"Music, sweet eh, come and throw waist nah." Now I hope, after talking so much about how good you are, that when she calls you to 'throw waist', you are able to keep up. If you can't, then it is a case of 'Dongo sorrow' and please run and hide. In this case, your reputation will take a severe hit that would lead to 'fatigue (teasing) galore' from your male counterparts or (embarrassment) the look of death from the women who now know better—lordy, poor soul. Simply because you could not keep pace with what comes naturally with these ladies' snake-waisted females, you are condemned to the dungeon of 'cyar wine' darkness. Oh, the pain! This poor soul will be scorned by the women who would say that man is of no use—he is a soft man! What? 

To quote a lady friend of mine, "Oh gawd, like he was dead or what?" "Better yuh mudda did plant a fig tree instead!" Now do you see what has transpired. Now you are frowning, and the scorn and contempt may even lead to depression. The pride of the Trini male can't take that. How could they say that? This is contempt, a situation that a man needs to avoid like the plague. So, what happens if, as a man, you were able to throw more waist than the woman? Nothing, absolutely nothing. All they would say is, "Yuh, man," because on the flip side, we (as men) always have something to lose.

So, what does it really mean to "throw waist"? Well, it is to dance with gay abandon, but specifically to "wine," as only Trini women can. Yes, we are talking about the abilities of Trini women to be able to 'wine well'. If you are a novice, then it is in your best interest to stand on the sidelines and watch to avoid being embarrassed. These 'winers' are naturally endowed with this talent to throw waist, and in many cases, it can look like a bull rider who eventually gets thrown while attempting to tame the gyrations of this wild creature. If you think I am joking, then go and try your luck. When the music starts and with a 'chook here and a chook there' and you hear the singer Ramajay say, "Gyal, move your behind", you better move it or get swept away by a tsunami of sweeping waist movements—it just may be the thing the doctor ordered for you, or you just may need a doctor to heal your bruised ego.

If this question is asked of any Trini woman, the plain and simple truth is that to throw a waist is to whine on the man, or simply to whine and create honey for all 'long-eyed Trini men'. When I think about it, I hear about this whine, whine, whine, and we are not talking about red wine for drinking but whine as in throwing-waist! Take a moment to listen to the track now.

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