Seed ah de Riddim | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #29
Yuh is ah Trini|Seed ah de Riddim

Everyone has a favorite claypsonian and every person has their reason why their selection is the best. Some will say it is Sparrow, Kitchener,Nello, Duke or even Cro Cro. However one off my favorite singers is the Mighty Shadow. No one and I mean no one can do his music and come away with the oomph that he leaves behind. His music is unique, his dance and facial expression (none) is precious and the music is nothing short of classic.

Many singers have copied the style of others but what is so special about Shadow that the beat which is so infectious is not copied? His music and beat reminds me of James Brown. The music is infectious but no one copied it, no one thrived off it. Well many may beg to inform that the Soca beat really came from Shadow. Can we say that the seed of Soca did not start with Lord Shorty but came from the rhythm that was and is so unique to Shadow? Now that is food for thought but what about the "THE SEED OF DE RIDDIM"?

One person decided to sit with the Shadow and talk to him about the rhythm and to get a feel for that which drives the man. In so doing he created a track that is the only piece of music that comes close to Shadow. This is musical madness as Ajala named the track "Bring down the Rhythm" and in this fantastic dancing and musical masterpiece he conversed about the seed of de riddim (rhythm).

This is music to lose control, to free up and jam up on something, to pelt waist, to throw waist and dingolay as only Trini can do. So if yuh like to jump up on one spot like the Shadow then you will feel the feeling and with that get an idea of the riddim. This feeling of musical mayhem will surely help you to understand the "seed ah de riddim".

Just jam the music and have some fun eh... Ajala's video is attached to this post for your enjoyment. Raise yuh volume, throw waist, shake in one place and feel the "seed ah de riddim".

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