Yuh know how to 'take ah Cow-Boy | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #14
Yuh is ah Trini|If yuh know how to take ah Cow-Boy!

Trust me with this one back in the day when bathing with warm water meant using Water that was sitting out in the sun in a tub or barrel coated with tar it was a given to take a cowboy if the water was cold. But then again yuh might be in a rush or it might have been late in the evening and you had to face the water coming out of the public stand pipe - that water was really cold my friend - a cowboy was a given. No questions asked and not explanation was needed. 

Bathing by the Pipe was a special event during the day when the sun was really hot. If you were not using a Frico or Klim pan then it was a basin borrowed from the kitchen. Those were fun days and one had to keep an eye out for the water police. It was not a problem bathing at the pipe during these hot times.  However, later in the evening, taking a bath was an ordeal with that cold pipe water. How did we take care of that? You guessed it a Cow-Boy. 

A cow boy was a quick wash-up sometimes with a damp wash cloth to clean under ones arm pits and between the private areas. Finally a good wash of cloth and cleaning of the face and you had a complete Cow boy bath. This version of the cow boy bath was better than the ones in the western movies when only a wash cloth was used to clean around your neck and armpits. I guessed Trinis were a little bit 'more civilized' eh. 

Well the quick wash up got the name Cow Boy in Trini land. It was and is as simple as that but don't call it a quickie (not not that quickie) just call it a Cow Boy.

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