Goumangala | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #26
Yuh is ah Trini|Goumangala

Every player eventually gets played. However, how the game is played is very interesting indeed and fair-play could very easily get thrown out the door. It is not a case of tit for tat and butter for fat but sometimes just tanty Mildred playing with 'dem blue bottles, black candles, white rum' resulting in a heavy dose of goumangala. Yes it is obeah my friend but in the case of goumangala you already ate it the day you decided to pick preacher's prized fruit.  

This game is played in a very simple manner. The player goes in for the kill and he is on top of his game feeling the feeling and bragging to his friends that 'he eat ah ting'. Somehow he did not realize that the good food that he was given that made him feel like ah man is the very same food that was prepared for his demise - the player got played big time. He went to get some and found out that he was in love and did not know that cupid's name was really goumangala. Yuh see when he got the proverbial salt-fish he stood on the fence early in the morning and like a good cock crowed for the neighborhood to know that he was in charge. 

Everytime he visited and ate the food he remarked that the food was getting sweeter and sweeter. It could have been some sweat rice or food laced with ganga channa that made him a foufoulou magnet but not that was not the case. Goumangala was the medicine that did him in. Imagine a person boiling their underwear and using the sauce to lace the food you eat to make yuh choopid, yes I said choopid. Now if you don't know it chupid it a little beyond stupid. 

Goumangala is the devils sauce mixed with mischief to make the catch foolish and chupid and easy prey to become a groom. This man will be saying I do without realizing what he did to get to the alter. Goumangala in everthing. My friend yuh dogs dead oui! Always remember that you are not hungry and definitely not thirsty. Find an excuse to leave and save your soul my friend. However, there are times when some players deserve what they get - the word is don't be a player because gentlemen rule. 

Now if yuh think i was joking about all of this just listen to the man who wrote the book advising men to be aware of the trouble ahead. Goumangala by the one and only Mighty Shadow a warning to all saga boi out and especially to Leeeeerooooy.

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