Body Parts: Tot Tots, Toti, Bam Bam, Bumsy, Tun Tun or Toonie | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #30
Yuh is ah Trini|Body Parts|Tot Tots, Toti, Bam Bam, Bumsy, Tun Tun or Toonie

This one could lead to trouble so I will try to be a good Trini and get to the point and hope that I don't get into any trouble with the approach and explanations that follow. OK, it is believed that the following terms,Tot Tots, Toti, Bam Bam,Tun Tun and Toonie all came children at play or from adults who could not watch the kids in their eyes when asked to state the correct name for the body parts. 

First up is Tot Tots and it is one that is commonly used by children all over the two islands. The term tot tot is also used in Haiti but it is used to describe a wrinkled mango that was never able to reach maturity.

Tot Tot in Trinidad is used interchangeably with breasts. I don't have a clue how this came about but any red blooded Trini knows the term Tot Tots and that it is a reference to a woman's breasts (full breasts especially those of a mother with a baby). In Haiti is is related to a very old lady whose breasts are sagging. The term Tot Tot and popot are used interchangeably in Haiti according to my friend Pierre Mirvil.

The term "Toti" will cause any young lady to blush with embarrassment. As a matter of fact 'toti' and 'toto' are used to describe the same thing - a man's penis. These words are mostly used by children. The adults used words that are commonplace in the United States to describe the penis.

Well Bam Bam and Bumsy is the heart of the Carnival wining season and it all has to do with the woman's back side. Doh back back if yuh cyar wine back yuh hear. The female's derrière is so special and adored in Trini land that some men will get weak when they see one they consider to be "it". It could cause fights if another man attempts to wine on that bam bam. In the end the woman's backside rules the carnival wining season and if you have a nice one and you have the ability to work it just right then the men will follow like there is "ah bag ah sugar down dey" (subject of the next post). 

Tun Tun and Toonie, well you really have to be a Trini to understand these two terms that lead to the same vertex sorry, I meant point. Oh man did I do that... Steve may not have approved of this. Now there is a calypso that references Tun Tun as in "I love tun tun" and this relates an Indian singer who isited Trinidad a long ago. However the use of double entendre was cleverly used to conceal the the true meaning of the name "Tun Tun". A true Trini knows that this is a reference to the female vagina.  

There are other terms that are used and probably new ones are available but these are considered classic. If you should know of any that have a place in this post please leave a comment and I will put it in as an addendum to the post.

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