As Long As Ah Get It Ah Happy | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #18
If you could understand the meaning of "As Long As Ah Get It (Ah Happy)"

Did you get it? Well if you did then you should have a smile on your face. You should be very happy. Well some women may not be happy but bet yuh bottom dollar all the men will be happy and smiling for some time. "As long as ah get it ah happy" in the heart of the Trini male means one thing only but you may beg to disagree for the sake of argument and I will take the fifth on that one. 

Well someone told me that 'I am on meh own' when it comes to explaining what the guy is so happy about. Another person said that it is unmentionable. Hold on now... Are we on the same page and talking about the same thing?

This is what a friend of mine termed a 'Trinididiom' with the meaning skewed to be devilish. What is it that so many men always want and will do almost anything to get... The desire, the chase to get it is an amazing thing indeed. The result has been the demise of many men. We seek, we court, we do ah ting and more just to get it... Did you get it?

Do you remember the line, "If preacher nah pick it" oops well yes we are talking about the proverbial cherry blossom.  If you caught my drift then you would realize that it is indeed delicious and something that does amazing things for the male ego. If you are only mouth and yuh get but did not use it properly then crapo smoke yuh pipe pardna... That is, if you are that lucky. 

Why beat around the bush (wrong choice of word?) ahem sorry. Well if you are a Trini then there is no doubt that you know and understand what "As long as ah get it ah happy" means. If you don't then go to where you will meet a bunch of fun loving Trinis who will explain the meaning if by now you did not 'get it'.

However, one of the best ways to get the handle on it is to hear it from the horse's mouth, as it is said in Trini land. This is the opportune moment to listen to Ronnie McIntosh with his classic song (as long as ah get it ah) "Happy".

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