Bag ah sugar down dey | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #31 | Yuh is ah Trini|If yuh understand the meaning of "Ah bag ah Sugar down dey"!

When yuh sweet, yuh sweet eh. So when we are speaking about 'ah bag ah sugar, especially sugar down dey, this is smut at its best but saying it in such a manner that it is not offensive to anyone. This kind of sugar has nothing to do with diabetes or something sweet from a plant or sold in supermarkets but is the subject that makes for classic calypso such as the Mighty Sparrow's " A Bag O'Sugar Down Dey". 

So if it is not something that is sweet to taste, well pardon me because to some this thing is really sweet, in a figurative sense. This reference to 'ah bag ah sugar down dey' is a conversation that comes from the mouths of men and is made in reference to women. In this case, it is a reference to the woman's skill in love-making with her vagina as the focal point for all of the sweetness. Indeed it is about the woman's ability to make the man feel good and in many respects have him in a state of stupor aka 'toutulbay' syndrome. This bag ah sugar will cause a man to disown his friends not for love but for the sweetness and fire that causes his groin to twitch with excitement just thinking about the sweetness he experienced. 

For some men using the term "bag ah sugar down dey" may be referenced because of the way the woman walks, a physical attribute like bow legs, the way she sways her hips, or even the space that she may have between her front teeth. These men will make every effort to get with such a woman just for the experience. Many lies come from dating women with these attributes because even if they don't get to first base it is because others think that there is something special there that they lie to make their friend believe that they got something that they long to experience. 

Some men believe that every dougla woman (mixture of African and East Indian) "have ah bag ah sugar down dey". The dougla woman is looked at as some sex-craved creature that needs to be tamed. She is a little of this and a little of that and the attributes of both races make her exotic and wanted. She has what it takes to handle it and also has the fire in her loins that many men think of as 'ah bag ah sugar down dey".

Unfortunately these days the men are in for the fight of their lives as they are in direct competition with women for the same 'bag ah sugar'. This is one area where women think they know all about sugar better than their male counterparts and this has caused great dismay especially when high-grade yellow crystal sugar goes to the other side of the equation. 

Now whatever your thoughts are about this subject don't be mislead or get confused when you hear the term "bag ah sugar used" - it is all sexual in nature unless someone really is trying to get some sugar in the supermarket. Just be careful how you answer because if you guess wrong it could lead to trouble or you may miss out on some really good sugar especially 'the one down dey'.  Now if you really want to learn the secret about all of this sugar (how to recognize it in a woman) then you need to listen to the man who knows about this "bag ah sugar" the one and only, the incomparable Mighty Sparrow.

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