Nose Digger | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #4 | Nose Digger | Yuh is ah Trini

It has been said numerous times that a Trini will take any and every opportunity to "break ah lime".  This my friend is like manna from heaven - Trinis don't like to lime they are in love with the "lime". In other words, Trinis would do anything to take a break and relax. However, there are times that Trinis do some really funny things to relax and at the same find pleasure by so doing. This may sound weird but have you ever noticed how Trinis... No, you as a Trinidadian religiously find digging yuh nose a pleasurable way to kill time?

I know this will cause you to question this post but this has become an integral part of the cultural landscape. Some people can be seen driving their vehicles with one finger up their nose digging as if it was going out of style. What in heavens name are they looking for? Hold on now that is just part of the ritual because after they have harvested the product comes the next stage - pinch and roll and then chopped to bits and flicked to the carpet or out the window of the vehicles. This has to be termed a moving violation.

Alright, now they have the goodie ball of gunk between their fingers they start the process of rolling the ball of gunk between their fingers until it becomes hard and ready for the next stage. This is what I like to term the mini dumpling stage. Trini is now in his glory as he begins to roll and pinch and flick the gunk in rhythm until all is gone. After this is done Trini composes himself and becomes a prude and will condemn someone else doing the same dastardly deed. 

Yes, it is indeed a case of doing as I say but not as I do. The art of digging one's nose takes control of the individual as he delves into the trance of excavating and manufacturing the product that he enjoyed pinching and rolling then flicking out the window of the moving vehicle. This is not a fixture of drivers but is done in secret by most people 'who would not mash ants'. 

This is just one of the very curious things that Trinis do every day but would deny so doing on their bible. Hope you enjoyed reading this bit even it would be indexed under gross and yucky in anyone's notebook. Have a diggone day now... Lata!

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