Yuh always point with yuh lips and give directions with yuh hands | Yuh is ah Trini

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Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #9 | Yuh is ah Trini|If yuh does point with yuh lips and give directions with yuh hands!

Hello, do you think that I am joking? No, I am not joking because Trinis have very unique ways of communicating with each other. One of my favorite gestures is that of "point out something with your puckered lips as we say pointing with "yuh lips". The funny thing about Trinis is that they point with their lips and give directions with their hands. I am not joking my friends. 

Sometimes a nod of the head will do as is typical when a beautiful young lady passes by. What happens is classic head nodding and lip gesturing pointing to the person in question. It helps you by not drawing attention to your obvious drooling because there is no sound to draw attention to your lusty ways. 

A quick nod upwards and a guttural uhh precede the lip-puckering that zone in on the person in question. Everyone hanging out with you clearly understands the gesture and they all drool or steups loudly if the person in question does not live up to their expectations. 

Pointing with your mouth is not only used by young men but is done seamlessly by just about everyone. The older women do it to bring attention to something that is taking place close by. The goal of pointing with your mouth is the same as pointing with your hands but it is not as obvious as the latter.

Now if you choose to ask a Trini for directions then you should prepare for the experience of your life. Apart from using his hands to direct you, please note that the hand pointing goes hand in hand (sorry about that.. lol) with phrases like: "dat eh far is right dey", "just go down de road and by the standpipe make ah right... it is right by the red fence.... yuh cyar miss it yuh will hear de pot hounds barking". "Oh is dey yuh want to go, not ah problem hear dis Nah... and on and on confusing you so much you can't tell right from left or up from down because they surely will have you going "down de road" to your destination.  

So pay attention to the little things that Trinis do and if you are able to understand some of the nuances then you will be able to pick out Trinis as they practice their little rituals that are unique to the culture of the people.
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