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Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #6 | Send Right | Yuh is ah Trini

I bet you smiled when you saw the subject of this post. Most Trinis, yikes first ting first. Whenever I mention the words Trini or Trinidadian please take note that I am speaking about a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, OK. You see, I don't want to receive emails saying that I have discriminated against our fellow Tobagonians and by the way send your backchat to

OK, back to the business at hand, and with your hand you will send right. Now that was right on spot and that smile you started with is now a silly grin. To send right is part of the cultural expression of Trinis. Have you ever sent right to anyone? Do you know how to send right or can you say what the expression "to send right means?"

I guess I have been out of touch for some time with the homeland but I do read the newspapers every day and keep in touch with my family at home. I guess then that I could gamble that most Trinis send right every day. Now let's cut to the chase. No, let me relate a story that would come right to the point and explain what "sending right" is all about.

One day many years ago I was traveling in a car in the New Jersey area with a friend (a US citizen). We left his home and were about to access the main road to get to route 4 in the Teaneck area. At that point, someone caught my eye and I immediately said, Irv look someone is sending right."What", he replied. I responded with, "loot de man sending right". Now he was totally confused and that confused look caught my eye. Just then it dawned on me that I totally confused him with my Trini lingo.

At that point, I felt embarrassed but quickly said, "Irv, the gentleman is waving to you". You see my friends when a Trini "sends right to you" he is acknowledging your presence and is simply saying hello by waving to you (yes the Trini just send right to you).

To say that we have colored the Queen's English will be a gross understatement taking into consideration that so many races came to one place and created the twin-island jewel that is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Maybe you might want to try sending right and feeling silly after telling your friends that you know how to identify a Trini because you have decoded the art of "Sending Right". Does this sound somewhat corny?  Hey, it works for me. Does it sound silly? Well to you it may be, but in Trinidad "Sending Right" is legal tender and something that you should take note of if you plan to visit our wonderful nation and experience our potpourri of cultural mischief.

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