PM = Prime Minister|PM does not = Project Manager

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley has decided to remain mum about new evidence allegedly showing former prime minister Patrick Manning’s involvement in the construction of a church in the Heights of Guanapo, Arima.

’I do not want to comment at this time. Whatever stand the General Council (of the PNM) decides to take on the situation I would abide by that position,’ Rowley said when contacted by phone yesterday.

Rowley, who was appointed Opposition Leader last Friday, was at the time responding to questions on whether he would approach Manning to discuss the latest claims, made in an exclusive Sunday Express story by architect Stephen Mendes, who confirmed Manning was personally involved in the commissioning of the controversial church in the Heights of Guanapo.

’The ’PM’ referred to in a letter I wrote dated 2nd May 2006 which I addressed to the chairman of UDeCOTT, Calder Hart, was the then Prime Minister Patrick Manning,’ Mendes, who was allegedly initially commissioned by Hart to do the design for the church, stated in a sworn statement on the matter to CCN.

Hands off is the approach of the new opposition leader now that the PM for Project Manager has been revealed as really being Prime Minister. Well most of us held the belief that PM meant Prime Minister and now that Mr. Mendes has confirmed this fact we need to move on to the next phase. 
I don't know the provisions of the PNM's laws for conduct of its party members but surely something needs to be done now that we have confirmation regarding the use of the letters PM in the document in the hands of the People's Partnership. 
What about the government? What are they going to do now. Remember it was Jack Warner who revealed the workings of the church in the Heights of Guanapo.  How soon will the government act and will they immediately go after he ex Prime Minister. Only time will tell but if due process takes place we should have a major case on our hands. We will not have to wait a long time for a decision to be made regarding this case. 
The key to this entire scenario is simply that PM does not refer to Project Manager but Prime Minister!

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