Happy Birthday Babies|Amiya, Grace and Anjalie

Today is a very special day for my family and for all our friends who have supported us since we were surprised five years ago with triplet babies. Yes the trips are five years old today!
We have had some anxious times since they were born prematurely and we were worried that all was not well and that we would have had babies with deficiencies... Well they are healthy and as normal as any baby can be. They have broken everything in sight and can't seem to stop running in the house. 
Just last night, a fuse burnt out and had to be replaced. I told the trio to sit still and don't move while daddy changed the fuse. Well you guessed right they went running and crashed into a fan on the floor - Grace ended up with a busted lip and a bruised ego. I sent them to bed soon after and that meant more crying. Little children are not for older people - but gosh how we love them dearly. 
On Saturday we went to the Carnival at the Garden State Plaza and they had so much fun. We all returned home tired. Today we celebrate and open the gifts. Happy birthday to my little sweethearts!
Live-Long, Live-Strong and Prosper!

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