Code of Ethics Trangressions?|TT$1 Salary!|Warner on the Attack!

"I have asked the Ministry of Works and Transport for no favours except to serve you. No favours except to fix the roads, the bridges and the drains, to solve the traffic jam problems, to sit with my colleagues in the Cabinet to help improve your lives," Warner stated, getting consistent applause.

"I have asked for the favour of doing all those things at no cost to the Government, except one dollar," he said, getting thunderous applause. (Warner had earlier stated that he would take only one dollar from his ministerial salary of ($38,000) while diverting the remainder towards a charity.)

Noting that he had been in FIFA for 28 consecutive years, ’the same FIFA that brought (Nelson) Mandela to this country’, that saw the Soca Warriors qualifying in Germany, that helped ’me meet leaders of the world’, Warner asked: ’By being in FIFA, what law did I break? By being in the Ministry of Works and Transport, what law did I break? What code of ethics did I transgress?’

’If Mr Rowley is so concerned about the code of ethics, why did he not raise his voice when his Prime Minister (Patrick Manning) made his wife (Hazel) a member of the Cabinet , not once, not twice, but three times? What did Rowley say? Nothing!’, Warner said.

The most popular politician in Trinidad and Tobago is Mr. Austin Jack Warner, Minister of Works and Transport and also the Vice President of FIFA. Mr. Warner just returned home from the opening ceremonies of the football tournament after rubbing shoulders with several important World figures including the President of South Africa, the head of the United Nations and the Vice President of the United States of America to name a few.

He returned home to a hero's welcome and quickly waded into Dr. Rowley who is attempting to get Mr. Warner to give up one of his positions as a "matter of conflict of interests".
Mr. Warner won at the polls amassing votes that surpassed the combined totals of ex Prime Minister Patrick Manning and that of Dr. Rowley. This man is the toast of town and no small hero.

Mr. Warner has stated that his pay is TT$1 with the rest of his salary going to a charitable cause. He has vowed to right the wrongs of the Ministry of Works and Transport and to repair the roads and get rid of the transportation gridlock - lofty goals but if anyone can Jack can (keep watching 24, Jack Bauer soon to be replaced by Jack Warner). Hey I am sorry but I loved the series and now that it has come to an end I will now support my new favorite Jack - hero Jack Warner.

This is a case of winner take all and it will be difficult for any politician to save face after attacking Mr. Warner - good luck Mr. Rowley. Please note that you are now walking on rice paper as it related to Mr. Warner. The people of Trinidad and Tobago will have the final say on this matter not the Integrity Commission.

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