Accountability and Value for Money Spent

Minister of Food Production Vasant Bharath says the mega farms established by the last Government are not giving citizens value for money. Bharath was speaking yesterday at the Debe market after he toured the Tucker Valley farm, Chaguaramas, and met with two private sector investors in agriculture.

Commenting on the Tucker Valley farm, which falls under the purview of the Chaguaramas Development Authority, Bharath said the amount invested in the farm was not reflected in its product yields. He said there was a lack of accountability when it came to value for money.

Bharath said when he asked why only a small portion of the farm was being used, he was told by members of the CDA the last Government’s Ministry of Agriculture had ceased funding. He said a request had been made by the CDA for additional funding. Bharath said he would be reviewing the finances of the farm and other Government-established farms to ensure all funding was used where it was allocated. He said he was disappointed only two out of the 15 proposed mega farm projects were being fully used.

This must be something new that the people of the republic will now get the opportunity to experience,  value for money spent. 
The mega farms were a talking point for some time during the tenure of the PNM while they were in control of the country's assets.  It is very disappointing to now learn that 15 mega farms were proposed but only 2 exist today. 
We need to secure our bread basket and these farms could be that start of the process with the private farmers falling in line and producing the crops needed for ensure the success of this venture. To listen to the Ministers of this new government speak in terms of delivering value for money is very refreshing indeed. 
We now have a group of Ministers in government who all want to deliver the goods as promised by the leader of the political entity known as the People's Partnership.
We can't get it all but securing value for money spent is a good start and with this as the mantra of the government then we, the citizens, will benefit tremendously from their efforts. Ahh,accountability and  value for money spent - what a refreshing way to start in government.

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