Somebody Will Horn Yuh | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #52
Yuh is ah Trini|"Somebody Will Horn Yuh""

If you horn someone... Somebody will horn you in return and as Shadow says in song, "Yuh looking for horn boy... Ah hope yuh could take it pardna!" Having said that one has to add that ah  horn only gets ah life if yuh take it on!

Yuh looking for horn... that, believe it or not is the name of a song made popular by the Mighty Shadow. Now the act of horning someone is serious business that could lead to serious bodily damage or death at the hands of a jilted lover or even death by grammoxonne (a poison used in agriculture but is sometimes used as the love remedy that relieves an aching heart from all misery).

Horn... what is horn.
Well plain and simple to horn is to cheat on your loved one; in other words to be unfaithful to your spouse. This takes place all over the world and it is happening as you read this post. What causes someone to horn their spouse? There could be many reasons and none of which can be justified. In Trinidad it depends on who is doing the horning that characterizes what 'john public' has to say about the situation.

Fame of a Cheat in Trinidad culture
Yes the cheat could be famous or reviled. The woman consider the men no good a 'good for nothing son of a bitch'. However when the men get together the cheating man is considered "the man" and someone who has to tell the bois how good the female is in bed. In the case of the woman nothing good comes from it and she is reviled to the hilt. She is a jagabath, jezibell, bitch, ah hoe, jamet and is looked upon with scorn and contempt. Well what do you expect in a male dominated society (male dominated in open but ruled by the women at home).

Horn meh but doh leave meh
A lover's scorn... oh my goodness gracious. Some people find themselves in a situation where there is no way to turn and in the case of the women they simply take the shame and hurt either for their own financial security or for the sake of their children. Some of the men... Well it is tears - literally. Now this may not sound good but in this case the man is called a manicou man, mama poule, in other words a wimp. The woman rules this man and it can be said that he was given some ganga channa in his food and is suffering from a bad case of foufulu. He is a very sorry site to behold and prefers to remain with his woman even though he knows that she is 'creeping' with another man.

Woman is Boss
Hello did you say that men are getting horned not just by another man but by women whose charm is greater than that of the man in the house. Yes this situation has also taken hold of sweet Trinidad and Tobago where these women are very aggressive and hold on to their lovers to the point where the man has to take the 'back-seat' in the relationship.

What is the answer?
What is the answer for all of these unfaithful relationships?  Well, it is apparent that most people think that the grass is greener on the other side or they are simply too damn horny. The Trinidadian society recently broke a record as the nation surfing the most sex sites on the Internet per capita. Yes Trinidadians are a set of very horny people and that means that horning is an art. There are many calypsos written about this subject and many more will be written. Some people get revenge by going after friends and family of the person who horned them (on both sides of the cheating coin). It does not solve anything but brings some satisfaction to the table.

My advice is if you can't take horn don't get involved in any cheating relationships. That green grass on the other side could very well be Astroturf. These relationships may be exciting but cause more harm and severe pain for the aggrieved persons. Buyer beware!

Thou Shall not horn... If you get caught then the following could occur....

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