Raindrops on Skin - Elspeth Duncan

Who is Elspeth Duncan? This lady is very unique and her music is captivating and enjoyable. I spent some time browsing her webpage and listening to the music and to tell you the truth my attention span is very limited - I stayed listening for a while and that says a lot.

Here is a short bio from her page with the corresponding link to go and immerse yourself in her World:

"Trinidadian multimedia artist: music, words, still and moving images, interactive conceptual installation art.
Rather than categorize her music according to existing genres, Elspeth has created her own. She refers to her instrumental music as 'MUSIC FOR THE MOVIE OF YOUR MIND' and her acoustic guitar & vocal pieces as ACOUSTIC FOLK MANTRAS."

A collaboration between Elspeth Duncan & Irukandji
Lyrics/vocals: Elspeth
Music: Elspeth & Irukandji
Mix & Master: Irukandji


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Elspeth said…
Hi, now seeing this . . . many years later. Thanks for the acknowledgement! Elspeth