West Africa Calypso

This article provides a link to some interesting calypso music from West Africa that I came across while researching information on Calypso music. I think that you will find it very interesting. This is part of the article and the the entire article can be linked to from the URL posted below. This shows that the art form has come full circle.
"The inter-war dance bands of British West Africa are often strikingly similar in sound to Trinidadian orchestras like Lovey's String Band (credited with the first calypso recordings, in 1912). However, the first West African calypso recordings in the modern style are from Freetown, Sierra Leone in the early 1950s, by Ebenezer Calendar and Famous Scrubbs. In arrangements blending African and European instruments, the brass plays out the legacy of colonial military bands, albeit hair-down and a little ramshackle now; and the beautiful creole lyrics are as upful, quick, current, musical and intimate as any classic calypsonian's."  
Isn't this interesting? Well if you wish to continue reading the article then please use  the link below to read the rest of this very interesting discourse.

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