A Beer Is A Carib!

Ask any Trinidadian for a beer and you are guranteed to be be handed a Carib beer!  In Trinidad a beer is a Carib... No questions asked.  As a matter of fact Trinidad is Carib Country and as you travel through the towns you will see signs advertising the beer. This may even tempt one to think that there are no other beers available for consumption in the land of the steel pan and calypso.

Rest assured that there are many brands available but a true "Trini" knows better and will always ask for a Carib! As you view the advertisement below you will notice that it looks just like a very similar beer advertisement (Corona) seen in the United States. Leave a comment if you recognize the similarities.

The following was taken from the Carib Beer website and can be read in its entirety at www.caribbeer.com.
Carib Lager is the authentic, original, unique and defining icon of being young, modern and fashionable in Trinidad and Tobago. Launched on May 16th , 1950, this full bodied, clear and refreshing lager with 5.2% ABV is the flagship brand of Carib Brewery and the preferred brew of Trinidad and Tobago.
Carib Lager is deeply rooted in the way of life of the Caribbean people, the environment, and the distinctive and refreshing culture associated with the region – its Carnivals, music and sporting events. The brand is fashionable and youthful and very today, just like the people it represents, a people with vision for and of the future.
This brand has stood the test of time and has grown from strength to strength both in the Caribbean region and internationally. Carib's vision is to become the most sought after Caribbean beer in the international market place. This will serve as a platform for achieving brand internationalisation.

Physical Taste Profile
Carib is a lager of European origin. It is a pale golden straw colour with a rich head formation. It is slightly aromatic, with a neutral balance between malt and hops, sweet and bitter. Medium-bodied mouth-feel leads directly to a semi-dry finish with only a hint of bitterness. No accented hop or malt character. Refreshing drinkability for a parched and thirsty palate. Diacetyl should not be perceived. Carib is brewed using sugar as an adjunct. The "clean label" policy applies i.e., no additives that have to be declared.
Original Gravity 11.6 - 11.9°P
Alcohol by Volume: 5.1-5.4%
Bitterness (BU) 14-16
Colour 5.5 - 7.5 EBC
Calorific value 120kcal/275ml


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ttfootball said…
so ppl does drink carib wit lime now too? haha
is de same like de home security alarm they copy too...