Will Deso Sing? WACK Radio's 4th Annual Calypso Competition

The fourth year of the WACKy renditions is here once again. This is the most anticipated competition that is of no significance to Trinidad and Tobago's carnival and one that I will be logged on to and laughing my proverbial arse off! 
Now if you really want to have a good time (for those of us living away from the homeland) then the computer is the place to be. Just remember the competition is on  Tuesday 02/09/2K10. Just tune in to the station via www.wackradio901fm.com to listen to the start of the madness (this will take place all day). I advise you to log in to www.dlime.blogspot.com where there are two chat boxes that allow you to participate in the chat all day. Why Dlime? Simply put I expect the WACK shout-box to be swamped with users chatting that would make it difficult to keep track of all the talk. Dlime will take some of the load away from the WACK site (WACK audio feed included).
Last year everyone wanted to hear Kung Fu sing (Heshimu took care of that in song) and obviously the big question this year is: Will Deso sing or simply come on stage and pull off a Cowen Borneo or, as some WACKO's believe, not show up at all with a very lame excuse? The man has already behaved like a primadonna demanding to sing in position number 2. He also wants Roy Cape to supply the music for his  miracle rendition. Will Deso sing? No, wait just one minute now, can Deso sing? Kenny is already laughing his behind off or just might be running scared. This is not a case of Deso winning the competition but could turn  out to be a competition for bragging rights for the rest of the Sundays this year that Kenny and Deso will work together or could it be the end of a good friendship... Tune in on Tuesday for the live Television broadcast on WACK's TV page.
I guarantee you that you will laught your pwefen off - and yes I predict a new winner this year! Yes I said it after winning the first three installments Damion will be dethroned this year! Many of the competitors have 'hired guns' writing and coaching them for the competition - I predict a new champion this year!

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